Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Your training will be multidirectional!!

Here's the thing. You might want your training to be unidirectional,
focused but it will never be.

Your training will always be mutlidirectional.

You thought you will get the training and then concentrate on nastran
or ansys analysis. But that's not always the case.

It depends on the project and work load of your mentor. If he/she is
involved in multiple projects, you are bound to get your hands in
multiple programs. So be prepared.

It happened for me and it might happen to you.

The important thing here is to see through the task and mould it to be
a stepping stone of your career.

For example, in NAL when the cad designer quit, I got the task of
doing the cad design of a centrifugal compressor. I liked the work. It
was new. It taught me a cad tool and It felt like I was contributing
to something of real use.

But quickly I realized that it was fun, but cad was not something that
resonated as a career choice. So digging deep I found, it had API's
that I can program and get those things done via programming.

So I tinkered with them and created a tool that cad modelled a
centrifugal compressor impeller without manual intervention. The tool
is still being used.

So when you are in your training period, accept all opportunities and
turn then to the stepping stones to your career goal.

Multidirectional or unidirectional, it's your career you are preparing

More info on training can be found via this link http://my-aesi.blogspot.com/search?q=training&max-results=100

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