Friday, October 08, 2010

Learning by Osmosis

I am attending a training on iSight. I already know the software and
in the past couple of months i have use it in my day job.

I have read through all the tutorials/documents that I had on this
software. But still I choose to be part of the training. And I am glad
I am doing it. I am learning so much by osmosis!!

The instructer is clearly an expert, 30 years in this domain, he knows
the ins and out of this tool. His slides are preety much the same but
real insights are in his way of explaining.

With the experience behind him, he emphasizes the points of mistakes,
common pitfalls and important places to look for.

Some of his analogies sheds whole new light on your way of seeing the

I experienced similar thing when I studied for AeSI and always choose
to attend lectures by Natrajan sir and others. Even if I was attending
a seniors extra classes I made it a point that I was also in the class
of a qualified, experienced lecturer for that subject.

Similar insights errupted and foggy understanding cleared as I sat in
those classes. I call this learning by osmosis.

It's like thermodynamics, the higher the temperature gradient, the
better will be the heat transfer. The more experienced the lecturer,
better the knowledge!!

So my advice to anyone in AeSI now is go attend lectures even if you
know the subject. Even if you are taking extra classes from seniors,
go for experienced lecturers. There knowledge, wisdom and experience
will seep through!!

Natarajan sir has been a big influence on my studies and you can find
evidence of that strewn all around this blog. Find it via this link

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