Thursday, October 21, 2010

4 online communities you should be a part of.

Here's four communities that every AeSI graduate and student be part of.

Ouraesi. Oldest group of aesi professional around. Dubbed as Indian
aerospace community you can find a variety of people there. Http://
from job updates to debates on hot topics of aesi, you will find
everything there.

AeSI orkut community. No links for this one. But if you are in Orkut
and in aesi. This is the one group you should join. questions and
answers regarding exams are some of the regular posts here. Search for
Aeronautical society of india when you are on to find
this community.

AeSI yahoo group. No link again. This is a restricted aesi community
group mainly run by Bishnujee Singh. It's another community you want
to be a part of if you seek advice on higher studies and inspiration.
Search for Aeronautical Society of India at

AeSI Alumni Associasion aka AeSIAA. This is alumni community of AeSI.
It's the official alumni association for AeSI graduates. You should be
a member of this if you an aesi graduate. Visit for
more information. Parallel to this there is a thriving google group
that you must not miss.

Well these are some of the aesi communities I am part of, do you know
of any other, do tell me in comments.

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