Sunday, October 31, 2010

But it's not necessary for my happiness.

As Einstein and his second wife were visiting US, Elza Einstein was
asked by reporters if she understood theory of relativity?

Elza Einstein always replied "of course not, but knowing relativity is
not necessary for my happiness"

This is the essense of happiness in life. Knowing what makes you happy
and what doesn't!

In your job, training and AeSI days there will be numerous things that
will come your way. Understanding what to choose and which to let go
is the skill you need.

Everything is not equally important. Know which is more important for

In my AeSI days, I realised that programming was important for me. I
found I like the mix of solving an engineering problem with
programming, so as this thought took seed I began to seek
opportunities where these skills were needed.

I actively shunned CFD fluent, designing in catia because solving
problems through developing new software tools was the area that I
enjoyed the most.

I don't know catia and fluent, but then they were and are not necessay
for my happiness.

So choose which things are not necessary for your happiness

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