Thursday, December 24, 2009

What's cooking??

Ingredients_Healthy_Food Ingredients... That's what your skills are?

You can have many, you can have varied and but not all mix well. To cook something successful you have to create the right mix.

Mixing everything and putting them on stove wont produce anything eatable.

The soup you come out with, only gets cooked when you have that fire under you. But the taste and the success of it will depend on the ingredients you put into it.

Similarly in your career, the success and achievements you do is not dependent on the degree, college or stream you choose but on the ingredients that you pick and develop in the process.

Your AMAeSI degree, the stream you choose in section B are just the stove. CATIA, NASTRAN , ANSYS, coding, FORTRAN visual basic, communication etc are all the ingredients that will spice up your career.

So when looking at skills, see them as ingredients.

Look what you want to make or see at the ingredients you have. Then choose the soup you want to prepare!!

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