Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Quick Update on AeSI Meet

Many of the people I had a chat with some AeSI folks and they are under the assumption that you need to be a member of AeSIAA to come to the AeSI alumni Bangalore meet.

No that not the case..

If you have completed AeSI, you are already a member of AeSIAA. If you are studying for AeSI and intend to complete it you are a member again.

So go ahead. Register for the meet. Will meet you there.

I repeat being a member of AeSIAA is not prerequisite for coming to AeSI Meet. Just being in AeSI and having respect towards it is the only criteria.

Check more information here register

Hurry up, what are you waiting for.

And remember its a BIG fun filled picnic where we all want to have fun with friends and family. No boring lectures or something. So come and enjoy!


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