Thursday, December 17, 2009

Its Raining eBooks

What are you going to do after exams?  One of my last weeks posts mentioned this question an done suggestion was read books.

But books are costly, so then read free eBooks available on internet. Here is something for anyone who is thinking walking on that path...

NASA eBooks are introduced this month. They will features books related to NASA and its research.

Here's what NASA website has to say about it.

"Available on the NASA aeronautics research Web site, the e-books can be downloaded at no charge for use with the Kindle™, SONY® Reader and, eventually, the nook™. Other formats for those without an e-book reader will be available as well.

The first NASA book to be made available is X-15: Extending the Frontiers of Flight by Dennis R. Jenkins. The book tells the story of the pioneering rocketplane that tested the limits of aviation during the 1960s and directly influenced the design and operation of the space shuttle. "

This is the URL to follow

Right now it just have two books, be sure to subscribe to new eBooks RSS at

On the topics of eBooks, have you grabbed the copy of myAeSI  eBook


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