Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lets Go Back in Time?

In 2005 i joined NAL as a trainee still having to clear one paper. At the same time i began a new personal blog to pen my thoughts on this. That time i made the blog private and it was private for so long.

today i decided to open it up and when i was linking to it in this blog.

then i learnt that i can meagre the posts with this blog. So that is what i did.
i merged all the post with myAeSI and you can find them in this blog.

All are posted in the relevant dates..

if you are interested you can check the entries at the following links.

All the post on those days were small, since reliance first cdma mobile was my primary access to net and i posted the updates from it.

here’s an example from the post. Posted on

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Most important lesson....

Most important thing i have learnt in NAL till now is that software's are just tools, and the work is the core. So learn the core tools will automatically follow. Tool without work is waste.

It was like twitter for me back in 2005!! Short simple, straight to the point.

And if you see your name, mention and have a issue with the post, i will modify it according.. just mail me back.

cheers and lets go back in time!!

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