Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Exam over now do the post mortem!!

By now exams are over. Whatever has to be done in the examination hall
has been done.

So what to do?

It's the perfect time to do the post exam post mortem!!

Yes for all students you have given the exams this step is one of the
most important thing that you should do now!!

What is post exam post mortem?

Post exam post mortem is essentialy walking through your examination
paper and analysing of what and how you did it? What were the easy
questions? What questions stumbled you and why? What were the type of
question? How could you improve answering each?

Essentially post exam post mortem is all about calibration! It
calibrates your exam giving techniques, it calibartes you to do good
in the next exams!! It's about learning!

So take out the question papers and begin the post exam post mortem!!

The term post exam post mortem is from study hacks and if you are more
interested in how to do this post mortem check this link.


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