Thursday, September 20, 2007

Letter to IISC bangalore by Mr. Bishnujee



I can’t hold this open letter back. So I am posting this open letter by Mr. Bishnujee Singh to The Registrar Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. It concern regarding admission of AeSI professional graduates to IISc on the basis of AeSI degree alone.



Sub# Request for Admission for Aeronautical Society of India’s Engineering Graduates for ME program at IISc, Bangalore.


Honorable Lalitha John,

Sincere compliments of the day. It has been brought to my notice that your concerned reputed University has not been providing  admission to Professional Engineering Graduates from Aeronautical Society of India without additional BSc as basic qualification for ME Aeronautical Engineering program. It has been surprising to note that Aeronautical Society of India's Engineering Graduates have been admitted in Sheffield hallam University England for there MSc in Engineering Program ,Salford University MS in Aerospace Engineering program in England and AeSI has been listed as Approved University list from India on University of Miami,Florida,USA for MS in Aerospace Engineering program and all major Credential Evaluation bodies has given AeSI same status like any other Indian University in India. Boeing Company, USA accords AeSI Graduates as same status as ABET Accredited BSc in Aeronautical Engineering from USA University. AeSI Graduates in past have numerous laurels at IIT  Chennai last year Techfest 2006 and also recipient of First Ever Cayley Award 2003 in England by Royal Aeronautical Society, London.


I am aware that numerous staffs of IISc are on Academic and governing council of Aeronautical Society of India and rule being discriminatory against Professional Engineering Graduates of AeSI is ridiculous.


Currently on our kind request Vice Chancellor, Anna University has consented to admit AeSI Graduates for there ME program in Aerospace Engineering at Anna University, There is no need for applicants to have two Bachelor Degree's to be admitted for ME program at IISc and AeSI Degree alone is sufficient for ME program at IISc. Currently I am working with Engineers Mobility Forum team to get Indian Engineering Degrees to be recognized in USA and UK, European Union and PE Licensing Board. Till date no Indian Degree is recognized outside India by ABET, USA


I would be glad if you people in India could take necessary measures to correct the process of admission for Professional Graduates in Master's program and resolve this issue which has been pending for long time.


Kind regards



Compliments to Mr. Bishnujee for the efforts he is putting in.  


What do think on this issue? Please leave your comments.


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