Tuesday, September 04, 2007

How to write a successful resume ?

A strong resume can give you the edge on any upcoming career opportunity. Mahalo, the hand-edited search engine, offers a great how-to for building your resume for entry-level position seekers or seasoned professionals.


Yes a resume cannot guarantee you a job offer, but a great resume will help you get an interview. So spending the time to make your resume is a good investment of time!


Some of the advice that I liked


  • Try to avoid using tables.
  • Use spaces instead of tabs to separate sections.
  • Also avoid italics, underlining and shadowed text.
  • Use easy-to-read fonts and a clear design to make your resume more appealing
  • Your resume should highlight why you are qualified for the position you're applying for. Remove extraneous information. Do not detail every job experience you have had if it does not relate to the job you're pursuing.
  • Do not use "I" or "me"; the reader already knows the resume is about your accomplishments.


For more click this link http://www.mahalo.com/How_to_write_a_resume


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