Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Can you offer a job to me?"

Yesterday someone emailed me this question, "Can you offer a job to me?"  Frankly when I received it, I politely asked the person what is his background and why he hasn't been able to get a job one, but this is what went through my mind after I shot my reply to him.


"Can you offer a job to me?"  The answer is NO? I don't have a company that I can you place you in. Even if I had, I am sorry I won't be helping you in the company. You know the rules. It’s not what you have or what you don't have, it’s not about the fellowship that you feel for your own kind. It’s not about both of us coming from AeSI. If I had a company, I will recruit only that person who is suitable for the job, and who can demonstrate that he/she brings something that I need for that particular position.


So fulfill that need and you have the job.


This is the mantra for all the job listing that you see and will see in future.


A friend of mine will be conducting interviews for requirement in his company. Now he is looking for competent propulsion guys and his main aim is to get one guy who fits the bill and brings what he wants. He can recruit you? But he might not? He might call you for the interview since you are an aesi guy!! You might get the first preference since this pleasure he can bestow on you being an AeSI fellow like him, but that doesn't guarantee your recruitment.....  However lenient and helpful he might be, and however genuine your needing-a-break is..... His work, project and client requirements are the first thing that he will consider once he and you are in the interview room. So don’t bet you chances on being an aesi guy or on sympathy. That only works for politicians.... For you, there is just one mantra.......   Show him what you are bringing to him and how your skills will help him develop his business. How little training you will need? And How much value you will bring to his clients and increase his productivity.



If you can do this my friend, you are recruited.


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