Monday, September 03, 2007

How important is the field and department before your choose your training?


In response to my previous post ( ) Mr. Gaju Korde has pointed me to another important point that I missed. Here is what he said...


"The field or the department. One should think a while before joining whether this is the field where I see myself in say next few years. I have seen people going to each and every place where somebody is interested in hiring trainees and join there just because they got there!. Please do not do that. It is this experience which will prove beneficial in your professional career ahead so choose it wisely!!"


Mr. Gaju Korde has raised a right point regarding the importance of field and department before deciding on your training mission!! Be absolutely sure where you see yourself in the next few years, before your clutch on any training offer! See what’s appropriate for your chosen filed. If you are an Avionics guys then going into training in propulsion related lab won't help you much. Yes you will have the luxury to write "6 or 1 year experience in such and such ". But ask yourself is it relevant experience that matches your academic and chosen stream!!  May be the electrical lab where they use lab-view, and test avionics instruments would be more correct choice for an avionics guys!!


Also when you set your mind on getting a training, set two goals in your mind that you will come out of this one year or 6 months latter, with more knowledge and skills than your have entered. Promise yourself that you will cultivate yours skills as well as deliver quality, professional work to your mentor while you are under him!!



These two pledges if you can make to yourself and keep them in your mind, nothing can stop you from shining like a star!!



Thank you Mr. Gaju Korde for pointing out the important point, hope to hear more from you!!


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