Monday, September 03, 2007

AGM draft agenda - demand your rights !!!

I don’t know if you read Mr.  Shiladitya Bhowmick’s email. But her I am posting it here in myaesi blog so that who read this instead of the group mails can come forward and be a part of the discussuion.


I must appreaciate the efforts of Mr.  Shiladitya and I think it’s the right time now for getting a draft a document and make consolidated effort to present student’s view at the AeSI AGM!!


So people, come on. Come forward with your suggestions and views!! Its your future that they are playing with!!


 Shiladitya Bhowmick wrote :


Hello Everyone,

                 Hope all of are doing great in life and work!! This time AGM will be at Chennai in December. I am writing this letter to the group to discuss few of the serious issues relating AESI's administrative procedures. I had been following Mr. Sukhbinder's & some other mails and I highly appreciate their concern for AESI.


   As the subject of the mail tells half of the story. But I would like to elaborate it with some case studies. There is no proper feedback from Delhi HO regarding any matters..Aeronautical Society of India is supposed to be the professional guardian of all the student members..but things which are happening at the back stage one knows!!


  POINT 1: One of the Graduate got training in Air India (UNPAID) and had been working there since last 15 months on an UNPAID basis and still  he hasn't been able to get a suitable job in civil aviation coz every airlines is asking for experience. MR.R.C.GOYAL calls up Air India office now and then and tells them to terminate his training as i believe AESI has made "the so-called " rules of not giving training for more than a year.

  It's not even that some one else is waiting in Queue for Air-India training...its not even that AESI has to give stipend for the candidate..its not even that Air-India is having any problem with his training..Then can Mr.Goyal give us a proper justification of his actions and trying to stop him to make a career out of his own efforts!!

  Mr.Thulasidas is the new President of AESI and he must be aware of all the whereabouts of AESI .. Is it believable that a single opening hasn't come to an AESIian in 15 months in Air-India and the guy hasn't been eligible to apply in Air-India..but this is fact!!

  Of what I have heard ,there were 20-25 Grads. last year..I would be very keen to know how many Grads.has been assisted by AESI post their degree to get a Job/Training!!!


  POINT 2: A GRADUATE called up Delhi HO to terminate his training at HAL ,Hyd as he got admission in MIT,Mr.Goyal tells him "WHY HAVE YOU CALLED ME?? "

  Whom are we suppossed to call ....If Mr.Goyal is so bored / disinterested in holding the secretary position of AESI , why is he taking this pain for AESI!!

  there are numerous people who are very efficient to take care of the proceedings.There had been numerous incidents like this where he behaved in a very rude manner and i don't have to tell that as i believe every1 must have experienced/experiencing that in their AESI period!


  POINT 3: Why is there no proper response/feedback from Delhi HO...I would like to mention Mr.sukhbinder's mail regarding this...every year they put the pass from each center and why this year its a cumulative way....If someone asks for any answer,Mr.Goyal would say ,this decision is by the Governing Council...!!any small matter is discussed in The Governing Council Meeting..So wil he kindly tell us who is part of the Governing body and who are taking these decisions or is he the Governing Body himself and taking decisions ??


  POINT 4:Another GRAD called up HO regarding his training after his degree.See the response they give from there --"AREE YAAR..TUJHE BHI LINE BHI LAGA DUNGA !! "

  another Grad calls up  Mr. goyal to re- confirm the urgent letter he has sent to HO regarding admission in MIT .He says-"What u want me to do? TO GO TO POST  OFFICE AND COLLECT IT FOR U??"


  Is this what AESI all about..?? All AeSI guys had been working very hard to finish their degree and after all this what he get to hear is this!! Aren't they making fun of it and is this a kind of behaviour AESI officials are supposed to do with a Member of AESI..!! Student community make AESI and so who has given them the authority to behave and tamper the image of AESI..!!


  POINT 5: Why  are AESI students restricted from getting a normal entry  into IITs,MIT?? Every1 knows what has happened this time regarding admission at  MIT,Anna Univ.(Just to let guys know that most of the national level semninar at MIT is sponsored by AESI )My question is why AESI guys has to struggle in every sphere just to convince people that AESI is a VALID degree.Wouldn't the situation been better if AESI "GOVERNING COUNCIL" takes some actions regarding this!


  POINT 6: AESI hands a Life Membership card with Sig. of Mr.Goyal after completion of is supposed to be meant to attend any meeting of AESI...etc.There are instances where the guy was restricted from getting into the AESI International Seminar as they believe he is not a member of AESI.We would like to request AESI not to take the pain of making the CARD which is for no good !!!


  POINT 7:As far as i know,Mr.Goyal is not attending any AGM since few he too afraid to face the students or what??



  *All alumni of AESI should come up for the cause and make a council (in co-operation with AESI) which would look for the future growth of student members after their AESI degree.In this regard ,I would like to thank Mr.Bishnujee SIngh,Mr.Raghubir Singh,and numerous others for their unconditional efforts they are doing silently for the betterment of AESI Students.


  *All Grad. members should have the right to know the proceeding of much revenue is been much is spent on officials..and how much for betterment of AESI..

  I would like to throw some light on a very interesting figure Mr.Sukhbinder put few months back..that 75% - 80% of AESI revenue comes from the Students and only 9% is spent on Stipend ..where is the rest of the revenue ??





  NOW AESI modified syllabus has come with the backing of AICTE and there are more students making their membership but as far as i see...with the continuing trend in the administration....things doesnt look much encouraging..all the youngsters after their +2 might not know all this & getting enrolled with high expectations & hopes are heading to a Dead-End...!!


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