Friday, September 21, 2007

How to prepare for interview?

How to prepare for interview?

You have sent your resume and the resume has served its purpose and you got a call from the HR to come for a discussion. So what now? How should you prepare for the interview? What can you do? How to prepare? What to prepare?

Well here are some general suggestions that I can summon from my experience in this department. First this is you should go thorough your résumé that you had send them. Look what have you told or written in that resume. This is from where most of the questions will be asked. This is the place from where the interviewer will begin interviewing you.

Most of the questions will begin with him asking you to tell about yourself or tell about the projects you have worked on. So prepare this first question well. If you can give a good reply to this, you will gain the confidence in yourself and can tackle any question that you might get after this. First question paves the way for a better and positive result, so prepare it well. If you listed design of centrifugal compressor as your project, then know about it. Re-read all the basic theory that you have for the topic. And know the salient features of the project.

If you have mentioned some project, know about that project, if it's Saras you have worked upon. Know which engine it is using. If compressor is your work area, know its working principle so that you can explain it to a lay person easily.

Your resume will be your main showcase. So have consistent answers to according to the resume you have sent. Sometimes we send a resume, embellishing some facts here and distorting some to look good for our advantage. That's ok. Everybody does that, but know what you have written in your resume when you go for that interview.

Always keep the sent resume in mind before you answer any questions. After the resumes, most other questions come up from your answers you give. So reply in a tactful way. While answering steer clear of topics that you know you won't be good in answering. The interviewer will just need one word to catch you.

I have attended and listened to many interviews and from those I have seen that it’s not the interviewer who has the control of the interview. It’s the interviewee who has the control. He is the one who can lead it to any successful completion. So answer in such a way that the next question is asked on topics that you are comfortable answering. Lead the interview. In one of the interview, upon seeing my resume, the interviewer asked me to explain my project on axial compressor design and as I was explaining I mentioned entropy. He caught that word and then I had to answer 4 questions on entropy among which how many types of entropy caught me? So while answering choose your words correctly.

This are some of the points I could think of today. More some other time. So what are your experience, share them in the comments....

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