Thursday, September 06, 2007

What are your AeSI eureka and rude shock subjects?

Today I was asking myself what were the best exams in my AeSI tenure? Which exams I was very confident and I did well and got out well. Knowing AeSI , you won't be surprised that the list can’t be long so here's my short list of the subjects which I felt of clearing 100% while getting out of the exam hall and did so. I call them Eureka subjects!!


  • Thermodynamics
  • Strength of material
  • Workshop technology
  • Propulsion 3
  • Aerodyanamiocs-1
  • Mathematics -iii
  • Mechanics of fluid


That’s it. Honestly I didn't expect the list to make it to number 7!!! Let me tell you that these were not the only subjects that I felt I will pass when I came out of the exams hall. There were many times when I had these feeling that I will pass but these were the subjects in which my confidence of passing and AeSI's confidence in me coincided and I cleared the subjects!!!



What about the other way round? Now let me list out of the subjects that I was absolutely sure of passing and AeSI gave me the rude shock!!!


  • Principles of flight (not one time but twice, giving me a teasing 47 and 49 marks respectively )


  • VMD - this is the biggest shock aesi ever gave me. Expecting 80 and got measly 38!! Even to this day I can't figure how? Even a re-checking request didn't swell the marks above 38, but surely gobbled my dad's 100 bucks that I sent for rechecking!!


  • Workshop technology - when I gave it the first time. Anyways this was my second exam of the AeSI that I gave. And incidentally this was the first tremor of aesi in my life J




That's it! In the other exams I could ascertain the failures to my mistakes and in some case I am not sure but I give AeSI benefit of doubt!!


The subject in which I did most blunders were Mathematics -II its the subject of blunders for me. I intend to write something about this in future post,.


Anyway do let me know what were your eureka subjects and rude-shock subjects during your term in AeSI. Would love to know!!



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