Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Suggestions for AeSI improvement - highlights of aesi's enews

Ok ok I know that PDF didn't get published. As i post most of my entries via email. That PDF didn't go through the blogger platform and you weren't able to see the document. So here's the link for the 2 specific articles that I wanted to point your attention.


The articles are from Air Cmde Raghubir Singh (Retd) FAeSI- 732 and Dr G Madhavan Nair President Aeronautical Society of India.


Both of them deal with the improvement of aesi for the betterment of the students!


The articles assumed significance because of the fact that while in the AGM in cochin Air Cmde Raghubir Singh  gave a presentation which has really awaken other members on the plight of the students and everyone there did talked about improving it for the students. And there were questions raised towards Mr. Bhaita to answer. If you were there you could have seen how uncomfortable Mr bhaita became while answering.


So this articles getting published in enews is one step showing that people are listening and they haven't forgotten about us. So friends, this AGM lets us prepare our case strong and give a presentation telling the story from our (the student) side.


I know many of you might be thinking that this is bullshit and this will never work out, but let me tell you, if it doesn't work out its because of  you people who betray us. It’s because of you, who can't stand by your fellow aesians! So if you can't contribute positively and can't stand with us, I say you have no right to have a negative opinion about it!


Anyway here's the highlight of articles


  • The question papers should be set from the syllabus-taking into account the depth possible based on the coverage.


  • The syllabus while remaining on the elite IIT pattern should also take into account all India university syllabi –without diluting the our standards..


  • Practical training, experiments & testing should form part of AMAeSI syllabus. Perhaps 50% marks can be catered for these.


  • Project work, seminars & internal assessment under the accredited guides can be included


  • Further rationalization of question paper setting so that good student can pass the examinations. Still out of syllabus questions continue to be set in our examinations.


  • The question papers should be such that it tests the students for knowledge as per the syllabus & not the lack of it by post- graduate level questions


  • It should be borne in mind that the students opting for AMAeSI, are either in service or students mostly in the 50-65% PCM marks bracket at 10+2 level. Without lowering our standards, the question papers must be such that these can be answered & does not result in dismal pass percentage


  • The question paper setting, answer book checking & moderation should be in rotation at the institutions or by the Fellows of the AeSI.


  • Model answers by the paper setters & marking system should available.


  • It would be quite advantageous if subjects having greater coverage & depth are spread over a longer periods for better comprehension. For example subjects like Applied Maths-I, Introduction to Aeronautics can be telescoped over at least one year period.


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