Monday, August 02, 2010

Awesome photographer.

There are two steps to become an awesome photographer.

One is to take regular photographs and the other is to have regular
feedback on your creations.

Combine these two steps and you have all the traits to become an
awesome photographer.

This is the thought that is marinating in my mind for somedays.

It applies to everything else in life. Want to be an awesome skilled
person in your choosen domain. Follow the two steps.

Create something on a consistent basis and share it somewhere or with
someone to have real feedback. That's the mill that produces awesome

In some future posts I will revisit this again.

A sidenote:
One of my fav blogger, Cal Newport, has just released his book. I
havent read the book but am familiar with the philosophy behind the
book. Because of that I know that If I had enough money, I would have
bought a copy of this book to everyone in aesi!!

Cal Newport explores the world of relaxed superstars in his new book.
Please find the review and more info at the following link

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