Saturday, July 31, 2010

Randomness and your new semester

A routine give you a framework. Its an easy reference to what to do

Randomness on the other hand gives you new experiences. It gives you
hope. It surprises you.

I think the reason for germany's defeat in worldcup was lack of
randomness in it's team.

The german team was well structured, disciplined but lacked any
randomness. The other team took advantage of this and succeeded.

So why am I writing about this here?

I want you to add bit of randomness in your life. While studying,
having routine, and timetable is a good idea, but keep one day of the
week to explore. Let that day be randomness day. On this day you try
any crazy idea you have. Read whatever fancies you? Do something that
isn't in the tutorials!

Don't plan the day, let it decide it own course. On that day read off
topics from your core syllabus.

In that day, explore wikipedia for any random topic that just pop up
in your mind.

Mind is a powerful entity and it needs a routine and burst of
randomness to function well. So give that to it.

With amaesi results stated to release any day now, it's right time to
plan for the next semester with a pinch of randomness added to it!!

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