Friday, August 27, 2010


My last post about communication skills was written as I was sitting
with an interview panel Interviewing potential candidates!!

There were a few candidates and each one had an impressive resume,
rich with experience, skills and good companies, but none got selected.

None had the communication skills, non could express what he had in
his mind. The lift of the resume, soon faded as we saw the person
fumbling over the phone interview. His lack and utter failure in
explaining little that he knew failed him.

And this didn't happen to one candidate, each one of them, though had
expectional skills, failed at communication.

The interviews were failures and now it's certain, the person who will
get selected will not be the one with massive skills, but one who can
express whatever he knows. His height of acheivemnt might not be
impressive but he sure will have the communiction skills!!

That's the importance of communication skills!

Whatever stage you are in now, start cultivating this skill from
today. It will always come in handy!!

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in your career by following this link

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