Monday, August 23, 2010

Take a day off - How to study for AeSI?

This took me a long time to understand.

When I was in AeSI, i read many times about benefits of taking a day
off but was never able to get myself to do so.

But in section B, with 5 subjects at one go, I had to take a day off
as all the other days were filled with GIE, and Natrajan Sir!!

This is when my studies and study habits improved a lot.

The result was that I cleared, propulsion 1,2,3, aero 1, and advance
strength of materials in one semester.

Studies is just like being in a gym. If after a heavy exercise, you
don't give your body proper rest, you won't see much of an
improvement. Have rest in your exercise routine and you will see your
body blosom.

Similar thing happens with the brain. Give it a day of rest, it gets
the time to reorganise and regroup.

So my advice to every aesi student is take one day off. Study for 6
days. And on the seventh day give it complete freedom to do whatever
it likes. Do everything but studies!!

Choose whatever day, that's not important. Important is choosing a day
to rest and wonder!

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Good luck!!

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