Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Two thoughts about making You AeSI experience great

Just read "Five Thoughts about Making College Great" from my one of
fav blogger. Loved the piece so much that I am posting two points from
the same here for everyone here on MyAeSI.

It resonates with the overall philosophy that I have on this blog. I
mention here two points that are bang on what I believe in and advocate.

"The biggest value you can get from your classes is transferable
skills. Knowing the ins and outs of organic chemistry might help you
if you happen to wind up in one of those rare jobs that utilizes it.
The skills you've built in the process of actually getting through
organic chemistry - those are ones you'll utilize time and time again.

The value isn't so much in the actual subject you learn in your
classes. The value comes from the ability to absorb lots of
information, to process that information, and to think about that
information. The value of college is in the ability to manage your
time effectively enough so you can do all of that, get strong grades,
hold down a job, build relationships, and grow as a person. The value
of college is learning how to communicate with people from vastly
different backgrounds than you. "

Knowing gas dynamics, NASA 4 digit aerofoil numbering system might not
come to your direct use in your work, but transferable skills like
critical thinking, communication and managing information will always
be needed whatever be your job profile.

"Try things you would have never tried before

College is the best opportunity in your life for trying all of these
things, learning how to do them, and stumbling upon that thing or two
that really, really lights up your passion

The only way to fail at college is to sit around your dorm room a lot
of evenings watching reruns of Bones or taunting someone on Xbox Live.
Do something new, preferably something you would have never done
before (and preferably not anything that has a likelihood of killing
or seriously harming you)."

Being a student is the best time to experiment and more so in section
A. This is why a day off from studies is a good idea. This gives you
time to explore and expand your horizon!!

Please read the full post by following the below mentioned link.

Five Thoughts about Making College Great

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