Tuesday, August 03, 2010

How many of you be interested in learning fortran?

I have a half finished Ebook on learning fortran lying around in my
laptop. It was the one I wrote a while back to help someone get
started in fortran 90.

It's mostly about how to use fortran 90 and get all small things done
with it.

Some other things came up and the Ebook remained unfinished.

But now I am thinking of finishing it and having it on this blog. But
just wanted to know how many of you will ne interested in learning it.

Fortran is one of the langugae I recommend to an aerospace engineer
and I have talked about it here many times, so just leave a comment if
you want me to post the Ebook online.

Please read more discussions on what programming languages you should
at least know about via visiting the following link. http:///my-aesi.blogspot.com/search?q=programming&max-results=100

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