Saturday, August 14, 2010

Teaching vba

A couple of years back, a friend of mine was learning vba. He had a
project in his office for which he needed vba.

So he came to me for help. I already had past experiences on vba and I
was confident that I can get him rolling.

So we sat and for a week we continued one and two hour long sessions.
And a surprising fact that came out of this was I learnt more about
vba in that week than I knew before.

Of cource my friend gained, but I learnt a lot more by teaching. The
things that previously i just used, I gained new insights. Topics that
were vague in concept, emmerged out of the fog. And I had a better
view of the language I taught.

This event and there after many others solidified my belief that
teaching is the best form of learning.

If you want to truly learn something, begin teaching it. Start sharing
the knowledge you already have with those who want to aquire it. The
act of teaching and passing on your knowledge forces you to see the
whole topic in different light.

So try it!!

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