Monday, August 09, 2010

Inertia strikes back

Writing after a break is always difficult. The inertia builds up and
it takes energy to start. You know you have to do it but you aren't
able to take an action.

This is what I was facing a moment ago. The last post I wrote was on
Friday and then I just had this long break. I thought of writing a
post yesterday but wasn't able to get past the first line.

Yesterday I even had an idea for the post. Today it was lot harder as
I didn't know what I was going to write, so I began with what I was

That little flow, that initial first steps, those first words then
tumbled me down so far. And I have realized that the best way to break
any inertia is to start. Start from where you are. Take a action
however silly, small or unsound it maybe!!

Applies very well to the present situations, when you are just back
from your home town or after the little study break after amaesi exams.

So if you are feeling the inertia and putting things off to tomorrow
for some reason or other, start now. This very moment!!

Yes this moment. I will stop this so you can start now!!

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