Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First thing first. - How to study for AeSI?

There are some days when Posting ideas come to me effortlessly, while
some other days they kill me.

Same thing happened in AeSI, although more frequently, that some days
I had a good day at studying and other days I had no worthwhile study!!

What was the difference in both this days?
What I did on the successful day that was missed on a failure day.

The answer was simple. On a successful day, I did first thing first. I
knew I have to study thermodynamics or fluids, and I just started my
day with that.

Now this is same with posting, I know I have to post, so the first
thing I do is get my iPhone and type in the post.

The takeaway of the post is, if you really want to have a good day,
utilize the first hour of your day to the maximum, rest of the day
will automatically blossom!!

This post is part of the series on how to study for AeSI? More will
follow, stay tune.

What are your comments, I am all ears!!

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