Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Five tips for studying for exams

Worriers! Exams are nearing and everyone I hope is gearing up for them. Great, so I thought why not share a few things that I did during examination that eased mine anxiety.

Loud speaker: when it comes to reading, read out load this is much more effective than simply reading in mind. While reading in mind can distract you, but listening to your own voice reinforces what you read. I did this P3, wt and many other papers where theory was predominant

Walk: When you are writhing sitting is mandatory, but if you are reading and memorizing stuff, roam around in room or rooftop and you will find that you are recalling and retaining the stuff more easily. Moreover there’s is no chance you will fall asleep!!!

Dream : While going back to sleep, don't think about how exams will go or what the paper be like, instead apply the technique of reviewing what you have read the whole day, Try questioning the formulae and equations that you encountered that day. See then in your minds blackboard.

Mental rehearsal: Rehearse mentally. Mine favorite and it worked for me. They say that we learn more when we teach, so while lying in bed, imagine yourself in class and see in your minds board all things drawn that you have learnt on that particular day. Use vivid images, smell, and objects to reinforce the concepts. I studies propulsion so it was easy to imagine the compressor rotate and see the whole gas turbine engine work in mind. In your case use your imagination.

Talkback: some of the things that I remember most vividly of the study materials that I have studied are the ones that I have talked about with my friends and roommates, The topics that we discussed are still clear in mind. So use this technique to engrave a particular concept, topic in your mind. I am sure you will never forget a velocity triangle of a compressor once you have lively discussion on that.

Lots of breaks: Study without breaks is like no study at all. I remember an advert in one paper which claims that as our brain tiers; its capabilities diminish, so take frequent breaks. Well I don't know how true the claim was, but when I took breaks after a specified period of study, I was rejuvenated for sure. And put in longer hours. So take breaks often and when you again sit for a study session, set a target that you will get up after this particular task is done.

Teashop: While we were in Chennai, my roommates and we were famous for walking to a distant teashop for tea. Everyone used to wonder why we take such a long stroll for the tea? Some suspected a girl is involved, but none was true, we did it because it gave us the necessary exercise and after a long walk and talk about topics not related to study, we were refreshed. Tea was just an excuse. So take walking breaks. Go to that distance shop in group but be on time and come back and don’t get carried away in the masti.

Write: best way to practice a thing is to write it, my mom used to say that, and from the beginning I stuck with this and I always used to revise my stuff with a pencil and paper, I drew, explained and jotted important points as I revised. I was and am poor in spelling and this habit had improved a lot......

So here you are little tit bit of info that I used, some of them you might be using now, some might strike odd. But believe me they worked for me and I know they will work for you. Give them a try...

Best of luck worriers!!! Reach for the stars!!

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