Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Three different kinds of interviews

Yesterday I was talking with my friends about interviews. We were
sharing our experience at various interviews, from small to big. As
the discussion was on full swing someone remarked about 3 kinds of

The first one is someone has already decided he will take you, but
just uses the interview process as decoy.

The second kind is where you are already decided out and the interview
is just to let you out.

And third kind is the one when you are seen as a good prospect and the
interview explores your length and width of your knowledge. This type
is the most rare but the most fullfilling experience.

I have encountred all these types of interview and everytime the third
kind is the one I genuninly learnt something. This interview kind is
when your hitting score at each question is not important, your
thought process behind the answer is.

Well remember this type of interviews when you are in an interview. If
it's the first kind? Don't worry you are already in, just cruise. If
it's the second type don't get stressed, they are just whitewashing.
Be bold in this interview and learn more about giving correct answers
than getting a job. And the third kind is the most usefull. Answer
genuninly and honestly. Flanking is allowed so enjoy your good answers
and learn.

The success in the third kind depends on you! Whereas in the other two
the interviewer holds the key.

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