Monday, October 26, 2009

How to prepare for aeronautical engineering GATE exam?

Read indtroduction to flights by John d Anderson. That's the short
and simple answer!

Will it be enough? By all means, no!!!!! But that book is a good
starting point and can help you in recall, comprehension and
application type of questions of gate.

Apart from this book recomendation, I would say the best way to study
for gate aerospace is study individual topics from the syllabus from
different standard books and pose short quiz questions on all the
things that you read. Use back questions? Section and topics to pose
mini questions. Answer them and onces you are confident in the topic
move ahead.

The main point I want to make is don't do straight question answer
study, read the topics that are in the syllabus, understand them, pose
questions from those understanding and then move to quiz questions.

Solving 10 thousand questions won't help unless you understand the
basics and going from basics is much more easier and time saving and
effecient way to study for any exam.

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