Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Resumes and First Impressions

Today I received 3 resumes. As I was scanning them I saw a really unprofessional one.

That resume looked most inconsistent, less tight and thin on content.

Without looking at the college, I thought this one might be from an unknown college. And to my surprise found it came from someone who has AeSI as his BE and some unknown college in M tech.

I felt sad. Among the 3 resumes, his shined the most, in the WRONG way.

That lack of proper presentation, inconsistent fonts, paragraph spacing and use of big and small letters just ruined the guys chances.

As I showed the 3 resumes to the client, I saw his face crib as he got to this resume.

The guy was rejected even before the resume was read. That's the first impression.

After deliberation and reading through, it was decided that maybe this guy will be considered last IF the other two failed.

Whatever marks you get, how many papers you publish or whatever be your achievements be, first impressions counts.

Don't be the IF guy and crafting a good resume is the first step to be not being one.

Want to write a great resume, click on the below link to get to the posts on resume building. http://my-aesi.blogspot.com/search?q=resume

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