Wednesday, July 04, 2012

LinkedIn : A supplement to the resume !!

The primary question while updating your LinkedIn Profile during your unemployment days is what to mention in current position and headline sections of your profile. It is important to have a positive impression on whosoever happens to read your profile even if you are unemployed. Equally important is to stay honest about everything you want to write about yourself. Hence, the choice of writing your profile headline and current position should be carefully selected.
‘Open to opportunities’ is the phrase suggested by professional people which you may include in your profile during your unemployment.

Examples for your LinkedIn headline

Headline is the first thing the reader of your profile comes across. Some Headline examples are mentioned below to give you a clearer view of what to include in your profile while you are jobless.
• Looking for Work in Aircraft System
• Experienced Ansys Professional looking for New Opportunity
• Marketing expert Exploring New Options
• Fresh Graduate Looking for Work
• Market Analyst Seeking Work
• Administrative Assistant Needs a Job
If you have recently left a job and now you are looking for a new one then you may update the status field in your LinkedIn Profile telling the same. Some examples are; “Mayur is looking for a challenging position in DO-178 and abc, do you know someone who needs staff in such technology?”. Or “Mary is looking for a marketing job. Let her know of any good opportunities you know of”. In this way, a simple status update informs all of your LinkedIn connections about your unemployment and you might get instant help on that.
Keep your LinkedIn profile updated all the time and there are always chances that someone in your network knows someone who is hiring people matching your professional profile.
My Experience about LinkedIn :
I've been to several job portals but found LinkedIn as the most helpful network. Even I got an interview call from a non-aviation company just because the HR was interested in my profile. Most of the big brands have their separate dedicated page for careers at LinkedIn. Besides it, recommendation matters a lot to have a better understanding of your profile.  

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