Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Initiative to reinstate AMAeSI degree to proper degree status

As many of you already know, AeSI has taken the initiative to reinstate AMAeSI degree to proper degree status.

AeSI Alumni Association is assisting AeSI in this.  To make our case, we are collecting database of AeSI working in various organisations. This will help put the added weight to our argument.

If you are an AeSI graduate , please help us in filling in this online form. Your two minutes will go a long way to help confer AeSI degree the respect and status it rightfully deserves.

If you can't make it to the online form, please email the following details to Mr. Kuldeep Kumar at

AeSI Graduate no:
Contact email:

Please forward this email to every AeSI graduate you know so that we can make this initiative a success.

Thanks for your time.




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