Friday, July 06, 2012

Update ! @ Please Check !

Due to some communication failure we have updated wrong contact details of the Mr. kuldeep in our last post.

We regret for the inconvenience and henceforth requesting you all to resend your contact details as soon as possible so that team-AesiAA can start working on this assignment.

Correct Email Address

What information has to be sent ?
Name :
Company Name :
Designation :
Aesi reference number : (like your registration number and membership number)
Area of expertise : (like CFD, Ansys, FEM, Avionics, DO178b, Testing etc...)
Group/Div : (like Scientist D, Scientist E etc....)
Contact Number :
Email Address :

Why ?  
AeSI HQ is preparing a paper for submission on the above subject matter and has requested AeSIAA to provide help in preparing the list of AeSI Graduates occupying important positions in different industries/R&D organisations.

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