Sunday, July 08, 2012

Don't waste your time! Move on...

An interesting post is brewing at the ouraesi group.

I want to repost it here for all your comments and discussion.

The points are practical distillations of the person who posted them, but I don't completely agree with him.

Career path is never a straight line. Even for an IIT graduate it's always zigzag. And no two person have the same trajectories in career. So I will take advice, although practical with a pinch of salt.

Your comments as always are welcome.

So here we go...

Hi friends,

My humble request to u all

If you are just now started AeSI, Better to move to something else If you are halfway in AeSI, try to finish as soon as possible.

Try to get more than 60%,other regular Engg guys ( Below Avg) will come with 70 to 80 % marks.

Very few company will be ready to take AesI Guys.but not good salary, no increment.. (ex: Infot.. h)

AesI wont help you for your life if you have taken more years or Not able to finish quickly or dont have min 60% Look for some other plan for life.

The Best thing is finish try to get into HAL,NAL,ISRO as a scientist
(Full of politics,Nonsense. but this is one of the best option) then move to co like HoneyWell
Gate -> IIT-> Look for some oppertunity by hiding AesI with the help of MTech Ex Honey well or fly somewhere else

In any job you get better hike, when you jump from one company to other.
But with AeSI you can not jump easily,so your growth is very much limited.

Please think about it and dont recommend AeSI even for your enemies

Any help related to CATIA and Automation in CATIA V5 feel free to mail me..

Even after 6yrs exp and 1.5+ onsite AIRBUS France & Germany My Pain continues

Thanks & Regards

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