Sunday, July 01, 2012

5 steps to master something

It's just after exam time and a perfect time to add some new skills. It maybe learning a new programming language, an analysis tool like Ansys or just plain painting.

Here are 5 steps that I have always found useful in getting those new skills. Give them a try and be sure to add your comments if you do something interesting.

Pick techniques
Mastering something is knowing the little techniques and getting natural with them. When you begin a new language or tool, aim to master techniques. Master the simple first and the complex one will automatically follow.

Don't hop around
Learning a new language, tool etc is all about putting in the time. Going on after the initial burst of energy has dimmed. Keep the patience and keep doing the task and learning tiny bits one at a time.

Don't be a multitasker
Let your laptop, smartphone be the multi tasker. We humans are linear and single tasking is the best that we do. So avoid multitasking. Learn one thing and learn it well.

Keep things separate
Just like you don't mix eating with sleeping. Don't mix learning with more learning. Keep a balance. Separate your work and play time. The better you do it, the more productive you will get in both the areas.

Exhaust a model and go deep
Learnt a feature, used a model. Don't stop there. Keep exploring that new feature. Delve deep into the feature you just learnt. Once you get the feeling that you have learnt all there is to learn. Take a break and again go deep. This is the zone where real insights sprouts!

Hope you will try some of this in your learning. If you do try, do let us know which one worked for you..

Good luck!!

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