Sunday, April 04, 2010

My biggest lesson from NAL?

I did apprenticeship at nal after my aesi. This is the place I call
the birthplace of my confidence. Working here I gathered the skills
and self belief that's essential for work.

So in this post I would like to highlight the biggest lessons that I
took while working in NAL!

Concentrate on your assigned work. Everything else will follow!

When I entered NAL I had this preconceived notion that working on
catia will be the best thing that can happen to me as that was the
hottest tool to have in my resume. Guess what the lab I joined didn't
use catia.

Initially I was feeling unhappy but took whatever task was assigned to
me. Gave my 100% to the task without resentment and without thinking
of going back to some other place whete catia can be part of my resume.

And this served me well. As I began completing the tasks, I began
getting tasks of richness that I never realized before. My task became
more and more sofisticated. From gas turbine performance, to design
and analysis of mixed flow centrifugal compresssor, I found myself
working in some of the top projects of my boss.

From my boss, I got projects involving more complexity and new
features. This strenghtened by fortran, vba, c skills. This approach
taught me nastran, ansys, solidworks, and matlab!

And none of this tool, I was working on trivial projects but projects
that increases and expanded my knowledge.

Lesson for everyone who is doing training in nal, isro, gtre etc

Don't judge your work to be trivial!! Every task is important.

A modern gas turbine engine has 30,000 parts and each one from the
bolt to the blade has it's own importance. Failure of one will lead to
an incomplete engine.

So take up whatever work you are assigned and make the most of it.
Every task has it's importance. You maynot realize it then but give
your 100% in the task you are assigned!!

Expand your knowledge, and rise from the framework of tasks you are
meant to do!!

This was my biggest lesson from nal and I am glad I did stick to the
tasks !

You too share your stories. What is your biggest lesson from the
training you do?

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