Thursday, April 01, 2010

When to start learning catia, ansys or other softwares in AeSI?

We all know softwares are important. They are the tools you need to
learn them before you venture out in the industry, before you start
your journey.

So when should we begin learning this softwares. This decision is as
critical as deciding what to learn.

Start too early and you begin to loose enthusiasm before you actually
use the tool, start too late and you endanger being just a novice. So
when to start?

I will recommend that start it when you enter section B! Start using
a software consistently as you enter this phase of AeSI's journey.

In section a, you should explore all and everything that you can get
your hands on. Keep section a to study, wander and explore! Take up
anything that excites you, do whatever you want.

But when you enter section B choose a software and dedicate one hour
or so daily on that software of choice. The aim is to be consistent in
practice. Don't count on the results, concentrate on the techniques.

When sachin practises, he never aims to hit boundaries in each ball he
faces, he aims to practice and improve his techniques. So you do the

Take up the tool at the right time and then practise it consistently.
These two acts will pave a way for a great career ahead!!

This post was an answer to a recent reader question! Hope it helped.
Please shoot in your questions and as time permits I will try to
answer them here in this blog!


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