Sunday, April 04, 2010

Announcement: your MyAeSI is now more interactive!!

Now my aesi is more social. you can connect with fellow aesi folks and
can interact with them via the my-aesi blog.

I have added the social bar to the blog, so that interaction with
members on the site is much easier.

So take a look?


You will notice the social bar at the top.

What can be done from the social bar?

1. You can comment, question and remark on anything that is on the site.

2. You can interact with fellow aesi students, alumni!!

3. You can sell, buy and borrow books and study material among site

4. You can explore who else is Reading the my-aesi blog and what else
they are doing.

5. You can discover cool things about your peers!!

There are many things that you can do via this new feature, so what
are you waiting for go to and take a spin!!

Please don't forget to comment and tell me what cool ano not so cool
about the feature!!

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