Monday, April 05, 2010

AeSI graduates don't send your resumes if you can do this!!

In my recents posts I have talked about what to do in your resume. How
to answer interview questions? How to prepare for technical interview
but today I will talk about a very common mistake that AeSI guys do
while sending their resumes!!

First of all don't send a resume unless you know what is the job
requirement! Send one page job profile but don't just send your
generic because a friend of a friend asked you send it.

Get to know what the job is? Get to know what the requirement are and
then and only then send your updated resume.

Remember this, the job is not there as a charity, it's there because
of the organisations NEED! So don't insult the need by just send your
generic resume. Craft your resume. Polish it with answers to the
companies need!

Understand and respect this basic fact and I can put my words on this
that you won't miss an interview call!!

This post was prompted by a recent resume that I got in my email.
Tomorrow I will post about three things that are part of AeSI
graduates life but that you should NOT mention in your resume. So stay

Read more about how to craft your resume by clicking this link

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