Tuesday, April 06, 2010

3 things you shouldn't mention in your resume

As I said yesterday I will mention three things that you shouldn't
write in your resume.

In AeSI, these three things are part of most of aesi graduates life.

Very few among us go tangent over this three. But this three things
shouldn't be explicitly mentioned in your resume. They reduce your
impact and dampen your chances of getting an interview call!

The three things are

Mention of unpaid word with your work at NAL or any other place where
you are doing training. Don't mention the word unpaid. Tell you are
doing training. Let them ask you more info in the interview.

Mention of percentage when not asked explicitly by the job
requirement. Don't flaunt it unless you are more than 80 otherwise
wait for the recruiter to ask it.

Mention of your life story/philosophy in your resume. No one is
interested in your spritituality so don't mention it in your resume.
It's not about you! So shut up. Highlight what you can give to the job
and nothing else!

So avoid these three stuff in your resume like a plague!!

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interview call by clicking http://my-aesi.blogspot.com/search?q=job+search

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