Saturday, December 25, 2010

How did I fair in my resolutions for 2010

If you remember, I had published few of my resolutions at the beginning of this year. (Post link:

Let's draw a report card on how I did on each of them.

Continue daily updates to MyAeSI: Success. Though my frequency has been hit by lot of travel that I did this year. But I am pleased that each day, I took some time out and posted something that was useful for you guys. By the way it's a good time to thank you all for reading.

Complete 4 BIG projects in this year, 3 month for one project. Complete success.
I have created 4 excel based learning games for my daughter, developed 6 fortran games, helped creating and maintaining AeSIAA website, wrote the first draft of a office productivity ebook, created a program to write out patran neutral mesh file for any solid model and developed a VBA program to do analysis of AeSI results.

Most of the things are unpublished and I am planning to publish them online soon as I get time.

Embed the habit of focussed work, daily/weekly plan and deliberate practice in the work flow. Partial success.
All that I accomplished this year was because of applying this resolution. I created focus work schedule and stuck to it. This is partial success because I did it for 6 or 7 months and then somehow missed the plot. Would like to take this up next year.

Learn Python: Success but I still don't know python. Learning something was the actual intent of this resolution. So I set this goal. But It was a success because Instead of python, i learnt Perl. Perl happened because it was readily available in the systems that I have spent most of my time with. So I learnt Perl.

Read 40+ books: very successful. This was one goal that I hadn't mentioned in my blog entry. I set out to read more books and I am pleased that I surpassed this target. I am glad that I did it as this has expanded my horizon!

Well this was my report card on my goals for 2010, how did you fair in your resolutions?

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