Saturday, December 04, 2010

Two kinds of job

There are always two kinds of jobs.

One that teaches you a lot but pays ok and the other which pays a lot
but teaches you little.

When you start, it always better to be in the former and as you gain
experience, you will automatically get pushed towards the latter.

If you are unlucky (or lucky depending on your point of view) and you
get the high paying, low learning job at the onset, it might boost
your short term happiness but has the potential to ruin you long term.

In my over 6+ years in work life, I have seen countless examples of
this trap. Be it NAL or other private sector, the job that teaches you
more is always pays better in long term.

When it comes to choosing between working at a job that pays highly,
but teaches little, and a job that pays little, but teaches you a lot,
which one will you choose?

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