Monday, December 13, 2010

5 tips on fruitful training - do this and you won...

Many who read this blog are in the training stage of your AeSI journey. I have been there and fortunately with some good friends and exceptional mentor, I had good time there.

Not only the time was good, but I enjoyed the first flavor of work life and immensely polished my skills and knowledge.

Here are 5 tips from that experience that you should incorporate in your mindset to have fruitful training.

1. Know why you are there.
Yes the beginning is to know, why are you there? What do you want out of this training? What specific skills you want to increase, what knowledge you want to polish? Know this before you get it, and you are half way there.

2. Remind yourself springboards don't help you unless you jump on them
Training by itself won't do anything to you or your career. What you do there and how you do it is what matters most. Going there everyday and wasting time in and around canteen won't accomplish anything. Daily incremental improvements in your abilities and skills is what you should aim at!

3. Technical Skills without communication skills are nothing.
Yes communication skills (oral and written) are everything. Imagine a scale. Put all your technical skills in one basket and communication skills in other, the later will always be heavier for your long term career.

So just don't hunt technical skills, tame the communications skills too.

4. Inertia is not for you. Continue the initial momentum by challenges.
The initial period is great. You are enthusiastic. You get work, you do it happily. But as months pass, the familiarity of the place, task and people builds an inertia and we tend to go on autopilot. Avoid that. Autopilot is for cruise, during takeoff and climb, always have the throttle in your hand!! Challenge yourself and even if the task is old, aim to improve how you deliver it.

5. Keep chipping and Hammering.
Training is not a taxi ride. It's not a bus stop you pass by. It's an opportunity to hone and add skills. So use it like that. It's not a place to come rest and enjoy. It should be a place to come, add and enhance yourself. So keep working on your skills, keep improving till you are out of it.

Hope this 5 tips will help you get the maximum out of your training. There's more on training on myaesi at

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