Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What's your resume score?

Remember my last resume post about how bad the resumes were. We are poor judge about our resumes or creations.

Well wouldn't be cool if we had some app or something that can look and analyze our resume and give us some advice on it.

As I learnt today, in fact, there's just the kind of app available on web.

So without delay, let's see what is RezScore?

"RezScore is a webapp analyzes your uploaded resume and provides surprisingly accurate advice. If you're applying for a new job and need to get your resume in shape, it could be a very helpful tool.

The functionality of RezScore is very, very simple. You upload a resume, opt in or out of being contacted about further help, and RezScore generates a page full of advice to help you improve."

Read more from Lifehacker - RezScore Grades Your Resumes and Offers Free Advice at

Cool!! Isn't it?

more tips on preparing a super duper aerospace resume can be found via this link

Good luck

I haven't tried it myself, but will try to do it this weekend. Do let me know about your experience with the service!!

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