Saturday, December 18, 2010

Things you can immediately do after exams are over

For some of you, amaesi exams are over, for some it will be over soon. Here I want to discuss a simple but powerful thing that you can do immediately to improve your aesi performance next time.

Access the exams you gave. How they went? What was good about each subject paper? What was bad? Which one you did good? Why it was good? Which one you didn't perform well? What lessons you can extract from that? How will you do it better if you have to do it all over again?

Yes this review has helped me a lot, in fact if you browse back in the archives of , you will find many posts that was just my reviews on what I learnt from a particular exam.

(update: always do this kind of review in writing)

Do this and you will be surely improve yourself in the next exam!!

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