Monday, December 27, 2010

Before you send your resume

A few weeks back I blogged about a requirement for performance engineer. It generated lot of cv's and as I asked my friend who was handling those cv's.

He was disappointed. Disappointed not because there was lack of talent, but because of poor presentation and quality of the resumes.

He said out of the 40+ resume he received, he had to modify 37 of them. That's a huge number. Only 3 resumes were ready to be forwarded further without any modification or correction, the rest had flaws.

I have asked him to share his advice on what he felt was wrong. He has promised to pen it.

Meanwhile here's 2 suggestions I will make to you regarding your resumes.

Proofread or ask someone apart from yourself to go through your resume. At this stage spelling mistakes are not acceptable. If you want a professional treatment, send a professional resume.

Write your most important information in the first page of your resume. This is the place a person reading your resume should have an overall idea about your professional life. Be relevant and crisp.

Please read all the topics on resume here on this blog and at other places, because resume is a marketing document and unless you pen it right, you won't attract the right job!!

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