Saturday, October 20, 2012

Surprise from AeSI !

I do remember the time when few students used to say that "AeSI is poor in communication and doesn't do anything." however I wish to share my personal experience with you all which made me realizing a fact that AeSI is the best. I don't know about others but I'm really proud to be an AeSI graduate.
Couple of days back (15-20 days) I've applied for On Job Training through AeSI. I asked within my friend circle that how many days does it generally take to get OJT ? The final conclusion was it generally takes 5-7 months. Alright ! I kept on searching job. Even I got selected in Chivaro Technologies as well. I was waiting for my offer letter. Meanwhile I got a good opportunity from LDRA Technology Pvt. Ltd so I've joined team-LDRA. 
Surprise from AeSI :
Day before yesterday I got a call from Society and they asked me that "You are selected for OJT in CABS. Would you like to join?" Since I'm working in LDRA hence I told the same to the team so that they can consider any other profile in place of me.

It was a "WoW" moment for me. Even though many people said that it takes generally 6 months to get OJT but I got the same within just 20 days.

Add-on to it I've noticed many changes in AeSI which clearly indicates that we are on right track. Here I would like to thank & appreciate AeSIAA who is working continiously to promote brand-AeSI.

Conclusion :

Nobody is perfect but we can move/grow towards perfection by improving ourself and by learning from our mistake. If I want to blame anyone so I can find million reasons but now It's time to appreciate what AeSI is doing ? I'm proud to be an AeSI graduate and I always respect my degree.


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