Tuesday, October 16, 2012

M.B.A. || M.S. || M.Tech

I have learned the below mentioned things in this week. I hope you’ll find it worth tracking also do let me know if you believe in a different methodology or if you want to add something to it.

1. There are two ways to run a business either be a follower or a leader.
2. If you are creating new possibilities so make sure that you are the one who drives first on the road which you have created and always ensure to be the leader.
3. If the market is growing at a speed of x and you are growing at a speed which is less than 2x than it means you’re not a market leader.
4. Database management is the most powerful tool which drives any business. We can say that the pillar’s strength of any product based company depends on how good database do we have.
5. Adopting pull methodology is more powerful than the popular push
method. It’s better to have it if you want to sustain in a growth oriented
market and for the long run.

From today onwards I’ll share my weekly learning with you. We have a tradition of doing M.Tech. or M.S. after AeSI however I would like to tell
you that one can also do M.B.A. after AeSI. If you would ask me to comment on career prospective after M.B.A. so I’ll say that most of the companies are facing shortage of engineering management profiles. Couple of days back my friend who is working as a Technical Recruiter in a MNC was trying to find out few profiles (B.E.+M.B.A.) but he wasn’t able to find out any such profile. I tried to refer any profile but unfortunately I didn’t find a single profile related to engineering management.

Do what you like and like what you love.
All the best!

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