Sunday, October 28, 2012

Skills Development !

Today I read a very nice article in a local newspaper and I'm sure it's going to help us henceforth I'm sharing the conclusion of it here...

There are two ways to get a job

1. Make a very impressive resume in order to ensure that you receive an interview call.
2. Develop skills & apply

Second option sounds difficult but it helps a lot in the long run. I do agree that degree matters a lot however most of the companies give importance to talent.

Here I would like to relate the above said facts with AeSI's life....

I've seen many students in frustration & tension because of having marks less than 60%. I know that 60% matters a lot however it doesn't mean that if you have marks below 60% so you can't do anything in your life. Where there's a will, there's a way and taking tension about marks can never solve your problems.

Let's try the second approach this time

1. Develop skills e.g. software related to your industry.
2. Join Social Networks like LinkedIn.
3. Join groups related to the technology in which you are interested.
4. Be silent and just observe, what people are talking in such groups? What are the real time problems? And what are the solutions?
5. Learn new things every day because every day is a new day in life.
6. Once you feel that you're good in technology, start to post comments, take part in group conversation.

Benefit: There might be few recruiting managers who can recruit you or there might be any technical manager or project leader who can refer you in their companies. Trust me this approach is very effective.

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