Tuesday, October 30, 2012

GIE or something else

<p>Received the following comment on one of the post on my-aesi.</p>
<p>"Sir currently am std in bangalore 1st year so i wants to shift chennai my fnds says its better to join in GIE and some of them says hindustan university with perfect labs and........ So it has hostal facilities but in GIE provides best study but not above of them so plz clarify my dout in both of them which is better."</p>
<p>So instead of answering him/her individually I open the question the readers of this blog. Please comment and suggest.</p>
<p>As far as I am concerned I will prefer GIE. The quality of teaching takes precedence to everything else. Although I might be biased. So what are your views. Chip in.</p>

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